LateAndModern is a collection of "collateral" works by some of the major Italian fashion photographers.
Personal shots, refused or unpublished pictures, tests and personal researches, "objets d'affection", "divertissements" and casual snapshots or polaroids.
It's a photographic project that deals with time and exposure.
The leading actors are some of the main italian fashion photographers.
The stage is the personal path of each one of them.

Time to forget about your professional story

Our request to photographers:
Leave aside all the glorious images that have made your carreer great and concentrate on personal and forgotten images.
Dig into the past and find those images that are intimately related to you. Let them surface from the deepness of your archives to come and tell us something about you that we wouldn't expect.

It's a quest that yields results of many different kinds, depending on the nature of the photographer, on his age, on the variety of works and experiences that he's gone through.
In some cases the photos are very distant from what we know of the photographer, they tell us of a different moment of his journey, when he was doing some other photography or dreamed of a different way to look at things. Other times the images fit into the visual scheme we usually connect with his work but they highlight his inner feelings, so that the fashion subject (object) fades while the photographer's eye becomes more clearly defined.
In all cases they tell us about the photographer's curiosity, of the nature of his relationship with beauty and aesthetics, they tell us more of the man behind the camera.

Time to recall the roots, the exceptions, the conflicts.

We're talking here about the personal value of images, about highlighting the passions and obsessions that undergo every photographer's journey: art, paintings, nature, poetry, atmospheres, literature. Most of the times these cultural origins are so deeply rooted that it takes some time to figure them out. Fashion photographers are intuitive and practical professionals. They work on the balance between many factors: feeling, style, techniques; so the inner cultural roots are often buried in the deep folds of one's memory but surface in the works defining a solid "fil rouge" that consistently watermarks their images.
And we're talking about exceptions and conflicts, works and moments that one might consider as stumbles because of censorship or refusals, or works conceived as statements, public outings, manifestos.

Time and exposure.

Photography deals with time in many ways: freezing a moment into an image, underlining the quality of a single fraction of time, removing it from its dimension, making it timeless and everlasting. With our project we'll try to go the other way round, finding photographs that are "time capsules", images that represent a personal journey in time.
Photography is also about exposure. Physical exposure of a sensitive media but also exposure of a framed, silent moment to an audience. Many of the photographs in this project have lacked their dose of exposure for various reasons. We're happy to bring them back.
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